Recipe #27 My (super sexy) Orange and Almond Cake

I absolutely love this recipe – I made it last weekend for my family friend and it went down a treat … It’s got a whole orange, some honey, almonds, vanilla bean paste and so much flavour. It’s quite possibly the most perfect cake for autumn- it’s fresh and has a touch of warmth in every bite.


I’m currently writing this on the “drunk train” home, commuting back from a networking event… The number of dishevelled, smudgy lipped, corporates with oddly pencilled brows is less than that of the trains that run through the midnight shift, but still worth noting. Their exaggerated eyes, feigned sobriety, and oddly dropping smiles provide much needed amusement/energy as I struggle to keep my eyes open till my train pulls in on home ground. God help me, I’m so exhausted! (And my train is running at about ten miles an hour… Joys of commuting! ) so here I am at my happy place … Talking about cake

To make this cake you will need:

50g almond flour/ 20 almonds ground in a coffee mill

130g self-raising flour

100g butter

2 eggs

100ml milk

1 tsp vanilla bean paste or good quality extract

125g Demerara sugar

1/4 cup orange blossom honey

1 orange, whizzed in a blender

10 pistachio nuts chopped up to garnish

4 tbsp icing sugar mixed into a thick paste with the juice of one (English) lemon. **it is necessary to make the distinction as lemons vary so greatly between Asia and Europe.


Preheat the oven to 180c (fan assisted)

Cream the butter

Add in the sugar and cream further

Mix in the eggs and vanilla

Fold in the flour and almonds

Fold in the orange mush and gradually add in the milk, followed by the honey.

Pour into a greased baking tin, and bake for 25 minutes at 180c. Remove and leave to cool for five to ten minutes.


Once the cake has cooled, give it a few lashings of the lemony icing sugar mix and sprinkle on the pistachios. Serve immediately and watch the pieces diesappear!