Carrotsticks and Brownies – Thailand.

Well hello there my lovely readers! I’ve created a sub-carrotsticks and brownies page to introduce my culinary escapades to Thailand over Christmas 2011, Summer 2012, Christmas 2012, Christmas 2013 and bits of 2014. If you thought you had a decent understanding of Thai food after visiting a fair few restaurants in your home countries, like myself, you’d be surprised by the sheer diversity of dishes and snacks that are omitted from their gastronomic offerings. In a country with no dearth of inspiration and culinary talent, I am continually taken aback by the quality of food produced by chefs in both within and beyond their assumed ‘culinary comfort zones’.

Chefs and designers in Thailand’s capital city Bangkok are joining forces to create incredible ‘concept’ cafes and restaurants, causing culinary creativity to surpass the boundaries of place settings, and fuse with the four walls in which it is created and served. From eating food in the dark in order to heighten your experience of the food on your plate to meticulous re-interpretations of classic cuisines to surreal ideas that become signature dishes of these establishments… boundaries are being pushed; and rightly so.

The streets of Thailand are full of stalls which open in the wee hours of the morning offering noodles, thai salads, assorted deep fried snacks and cut thai fruits such as raw mango, pomelo, jackfruit, papaya, and pineapple with a tiny sachet of sugar, salt, and chilli flakes as an optional seasoning. (A delicious combination in my opinion.)

With the help of my Thai-speaking sister and partner in crime, I’ve been eating my way around this city, (and others)to gain a more updated definition of food in Thailand. Places I have visited alongside Bangkok are: Phuket, Samui, and Chiangmai whose markets and ever expanding cafe culture have undoubtedly provided me with much material to write about.

Without further ado- I thee present:  Carrotsticks and Brownies goes to Thailand!


One thought on “Carrotsticks and Brownies – Thailand.

  1. That’s the way it works! We’re both learning ha! I learn and I share as I go along… Thank you for the wishes and your comment. I am honoured to be among your bookmarks! 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled for the recipes, they’re coming soon… and if you have any ingredients you’re unsure about using or if you want to see what I can come up with a list of odd ingredients… let me know! I would love an innovation challenge- masterchef style 😉

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