I’m a recently graduated art historian and amateur epicurean… I adore food and will, someday, open up my own cafe. Till I reach that day and beyond, this blog/site shall be the repository of my culinary experiments and thoughts on food from establishments high and low.

Having grown up in four countries in three continents, my penchant for trying weird food and incorporating these new flavours into my cooking  is ever expanding. I’m a firm believer that food is the route to someone’s heart- it is a medium over which people connect and build relationships (ask any anthropology student, it’s true!)… and through this little blog, I want to share my experiences and develop my culinary exposure and skills with whomever happens to stumble upon my pages.

Carrot sticks and brownies reflects my food philosophy. You can eat anything you like so long as you maintain a balance (and or aren’t allergic!!)  Cheat days and treat days are absolutely permitted. You cannot be healthy, without eating. I’d like to think that’s why it’s termed HEALTHY(carrot sticks?) EATING (and brownies?) !

Drop me a comment if you’d like me to review your establishment or have any ingredients you’d like me to combine in a dish. I’m up for a challenge and always ready to explore new places. This is totally intended to be a two-way blog. 🙂




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