So me and this guy go way back … To my second year at UCL. We met at a food market in Russell Square and again at the food market that came to be held regularly near the Print Room Café on Wednesdays on campus.

We got talking over a loaf of bread… his home made bread. Bread made from cassava flour and a mixture of other gluten free, vegan and totally good-for-you ingredients. We started on banana and ended on mango and flax seed- which I bought a half of for £2 and savoured slyly during an anthropology lecture. Sitting in a crowded lecture theatre has its benefits…. so many “people shields” to mask you from the lecturer’s line of sight. Plus, the lecture was on Abelam Yam growing communities- so really, I was just doing some primary research … top marks for sampling!! Hahaha!! Get it??!

You literally do need food for thought, mine was in the form of moist morsels of cake-y bread; accompanied by juicy slices of mango, finished with the crispy crunch of flax seeds.

Needless to say, over time my sample size grew to his other products and types of bread… Alas during my third year I was exploring different library collections for material for my dissertation so half way through third year I was unable to keep track of his stall’s whereabouts …

So I saw his stall after so long outside my new place of work in Victoria and jumped for joy! Had to get me some of his bread…but the queues were so long. Luckily a co worker bought his spiced apple loaf – also amazing and offered me a chunk. I was very happy indeed! He’s on every Thursday at the Cardinal Place shopping centre just a stone’s throw away from Victoria tube station 🙂


He also does delicious hot vegetable fritters with an amazing hot sauce.

I rate his stall, his food, and his beautiful personality 5/5!!! A must try! Here’s his website:http://www.globalfusion.co.uk/


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