This is another of my favourite Singaporean foods falling prey to cost-cutting in the city, and gentrified areas of the city too; Char Siu Pork and Rice.

It’s a dish consisting of slices of roasted, sticky, fragrant pork served with a deep brown sauce I can only describe as smoky, with a sweet and salty finish. There are options to combine crispy strips of pork belly along with the char siu pork for a mixture of textures and flavours.

One food vendor in the centre of the city still does it right – “hong kong roasts” at Wisma Atria. The portions are good, the service is surprisingly warm, the price is right and you leave feeling satisfied. Although vegetables on the side are out of the question… Unless you have someone to share the plate with.

I have to offer a special mention to a purveyor of superior roasted meats and chicken rice: Wee Nam Kee (of Novena square fame). They have opened shiny new food court stalls in: Katong 112 and Marina Square Mall.

Their plates and set meals are fabulous. Go. Now.



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