Marshmallowing @ Mr Jones’ Cafe- Thong Lor and Siam Centre, Bangkok


This is a long overdue post about one of the many quirky cafés in Bangkok. Mr Jones’ opened up first in Thong Lor some time in December 2012 or very early in January 2013, sparking much curiosity by the public with its gabled wooden interior and enticing home-made cakes… The interior is all blonde wood, with walls being given the vintage découpage treatment with bits of old newspaper and old home remedies in places. Ashley Sutton, who designed Mr Jones (and Iron Fairies and Fat Gutz) seems to have lived out a childhood dream of creating a giant doll’s house filled with cake, toys and milkshakes!

All beverages and cakes are served on white enamel crockery with a blue line- very vintage- they also come with toy soldiers and racing cars to entertain you while you enjoy your order… if you can’t play with your food…  you can play with your food. Ha! I ordered a lemon meringue cake which was not bad at all0 the lemon curd and sponge were soft, and the meringue topping was light, chewy and not overly sweet. Everything was well balanced… if I hadn’t a full  stomach, I would have also tried their chocolate cake topped with M&Ms and edged with KitKat fingers!

I also ordered a dark hot chocolate which was deliciously rich… and came with a homemade marshmallow I can still remember. Unfortunately, I can now never have regular marshmallows… okay I can, but only when desperate… or with strawberries and dark chocolate…but I digress.

As I drank to the bottom, the cup bore a little message… “don’t forget to brush your teeth!” I would check it out for a journey into a weirdly vintage playground and good value cakes.

Dark Hot Chocolate served with a homemade marshmallow, dark chocolate ganache dusted with cocoa and plenty of toys!

Dark Hot Chocolate served with a homemade marshmallow, dark chocolate ganache dusted with cocoa and plenty of toys

The Ratings: 

Ambience- stellar! 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Value for Money: 4/5


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