Recipe #20- “I’m making bacon!!”

This is a very short and sweet post about an experimental sticky bacon recipe I devised yesterday- as good quality bacon is in short supply here in Thailand! I used fresh, thinly sliced pork; ideal cuts are the loin or upper shoulder( a.k.a the Boston Butt)
Basically, you need a little fat on the cut for the best flavour.

For this recipe you’ll need:

– 200g sliced pork
-1.5 tsp honey ( if you can find a good quality honey with a deep amber colour it really makes a difference.)
-1.5 tsp thai chilli paste with soybeans( it’s not spicy… It has a smoky sweet flavour that forms a rather delicious combination with the pork)
– a good sprinkling of Himalayan salt and coarsely cracked black pepper.
– a splash of low sodium soy sauce.

– plop all the above onto the pork and rub in well. Leave to sit for five minutes
– using a quick dash of olive oil in a well heated cast iron pan.
– fry on a high flame for a few minutes until your makeshift bacon is glossy and lightly browned.

The result is a rather juicy plate of glazed, make-shift bacon. Mmm! Oh dear, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product again… But here’s stage one!



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