“Hokkaido Slurpees” at Farm Design- Terminal 21 Mall, Bangkok

Whilst roaming around Terminal 21 mall, with seven floors individually dedicated (even to the extent of their restrooms) to famous cities, I came across a peculiar looking café fashioned in the style of a pergola complete with artificial Japanese trees, small wooden tables, and benches upon an AstroTurf floor.

I looked at their selection of beverages, there was a lot to choose from, given its size and location reminiscent of pop up shops often spotted in shopping centres. There were two options on their very reasonably priced menu that caught my eye… One was a Honey Macchiato, the other was a “Hokkaido Slurpee.” Choosing between coffee and non coffee based drinks is especially tough as I enjoy both… However I’d always been curious about the fuss created around Hokkaido related dairy products and opted for the latter…

Hokkaido milk! Hokkaido soft-cream!! (I have yet to try this but it appears to be some form of soft-serve ice-cream)
And now … A Hokkaido Slurpee!


It’s not often that you come across an innovative drink that satisfies your dessert cravings and thirst in one go… However the peculiar Hokkaido Slurpee seemed to do just that. It tasted like a grainy equivalent to a frozen yoghurt but not too sweet or heavy or creamy. It was quite a simply made drink with either milk or yoghurt and a little sugar; just right for a post lunch pick me up definitely a 5/5 for taste and innovation.

I later learned that Hokkaido milk is the best quality milk in Asia reared from happy grass fed cows – owing to its popularity and notoriety as the best milk around! The logic checks out… Better quality ingredients need less intervention… Their natural flavours come through without the need for the assistance of additional flavourings.

Farm design has a couple of branches across shopping malls in Bangkok-
I’d highly recommend going over there… They also have good cheesecake! 😉


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