Giant Cinnamon Rolls – Cinnamon Cafe, Windsor

Giant Cinnamon Rolls - Windsor

What do you do when your Saturday plans fall through? Go do them anyway… Solo!

I’d been anticipating a trip to Windsor for quite some time now as it is home to my favourite haunt for a classic cream tea- complete with clotted cream, raspberry jam and a large cup of Clipper’s Earl Grey or Peppermint tea to wash it all down.

Every time I come here, I am seduced by a pan of fluffy, fragrant cinnamon rolls, each the size of my hand span( 9.5″ if you care to know). I never choose to eat them in favour of the delicious, warm fruity scones- surprisingly light and laden with jam and cream!!

Today I finally gave into their frosted fluffy charms and I have to say, quite plainly, it was worth it. Let me set the scene for you…

There’s a slight chill in the air as winter is finally making its presence felt both in climate and commercially – this place is CRAWLING with Christmas shoppers- stealing parking spaces, contributing to insanely long queues for “public conveniences” as well as taking up seats in cafes and generally being IN THE WAY! Gah! All this makes your blood pressure rise, your blood sugar drop along with your levels of people tolerance… It’s often like a practical test for anger management! It really makes you crave a comfy sofa, a nice hot cup of tea and something warm and comforting to accompany it.

(Literally enter Cinnamon Cafe stage left! Ha!)

After patrolling the piazza for a while, waiting for the groups to clear, I spotted a seat in The Cinnamon Cafe and made a beeline for the empty counter. *Two second decision to be made – Cornish cream tea or Cinnamon rolls? Definitely Cinnamon Roll this time, routines are for squares After all, what’s Winter without a little sprinkling of cinnamon to warm things up?! *

The roll sat proudly on its humble white plate, steam curling upwards in a suggestive, come hither, swirl. I stepped closer and picked up my well earned prize and gently placed it on a large, well worn oak table intended to seat larger groups indoors. It is something akin to a victory if you can score these tables, they’re the warmest and have the best seats! I thanked the kind Spanish couple seated opposite me and proceeded to sip my tea. Crisp, with just the right hint of bergamot to prepare myself for the mammoth cinnamon roll that beckoned me to take the first bite.


I cut into the cinnamon scented pillow. It was still warm, and sprung back after I cut off the corner. It was equally gratifying on the palate. The light layer of vanilla fudge frosting wasn’t too rich and sung the song of victory in my mouth in perfect balance with the layers of cinnamon and rolled up dough. This was far nicer than a popular American food chain’s Cinnabons for sure. 😉

The Ratings:
Taste- 5/5
Ambience- 3/5 (it’s a very humble coffee shop but is an unsung repository of great baked goods)
Value for Money- 4/5 (not bad at all!!)


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