Happy Elephant Cafe – Bo Phut, Koh Samui

I’ve decided to make the following post a little shorter so that you can sit and stare at – and potentially be inspired by-  the beautiful salads I ate with my family for lunch, whilst on holiday in Samui. After quite a heavy breakfast and a fair few hours roaming around the markets of Bo Phut, we came across this beautifully located sea front cafe, endearingly titled, “The Happy Elephant.”

Open streets of Bo Phut, Samui where we stumbled across The Happy Elephant Cafe

Open streets of Bo Phut, Samui where we stumbled across The Happy Elephant Cafe

A very creative Salad

A very creative Salad

This salad featured perfectly grilled scallops, slices of apple, finely sliced red onion, mint leaves, baby leaf spinach and was dressed with an olive oil and tangerine dressing.  The combination of scallops with the dressing was one thing, but the skill with which the apple, onion and asparagus were included to complement the natural sweetness of the scallops was just incredible.

Innovation by the sea

Innovation by the sea

Funny story about this salad. The description simply said papaya salad with chicken… so I thought I was ordering Som Tam. When this graced my table, I was intrigued by the cubes of papaya, sliced tomato, coriander, chilli, and diced chicken that graced the plate… Nevertheless we decided to order a proper papaya salad at my insistence… and proceeded to sample this as well. This salad was like nothing I’d ever eaten before. Fresh chunks of papaya and chicken?!! It worked so beautifully with the tangy lemon and chilli dressing. The papaya balanced the acidity of the dressing and provided a delicious injection of moisture when eaten alongside the simply seasoned chicken- salt, chilli flakes and pepper were all that little birdy needed to sing in this salad.

Papaya Salad

Som Tam aka Papaya Salad

And well.. this is self explanatory. The prawns were so fresh, plump, and juicy and provided the perfect protein packed accompaniment to the crunchy papaya and green beans… See my post about The Local for a more detailed description of this delicious Thai classic.

The ratings:

Taste: 5/5

Innovation: 5.5/5


Leaving the cafe a happy (not so much) elephant…: 5/5


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