Mango and Sticky Rice- Maewaree Fruits, Thong Lor, Bangkok

Mangoes, mangoes and more mangoes! (Outside Maewaree)

Mangoes, mangoes and more mangoes! (Outside Maewaree)

This humble fruit vendor in Thong Lor has to be the best place in Bangkok for my favourite Thai dessert- Mango and Sticky Rice. Here are my easy steps to buying and enjoying Maewaree’s magnificent Mango and Sticky Rice.

Outside  her shop window, she has two types of mangoes at different prices. So step 1) Choose your mangoes.
step 2) Have them weighed and cut into slices.
step 3) Peruse rice flavours- located in her pre-packed display pieces.
step 4) Choose rice and roasted lentils(optional)
step 5) Take your mango and sticky rice parcels home to quickly devour them, forget to take a picture, and then write about them on your blog unapologetically…

Okay. I do apologise for not providing a closer look at the delights of Maewaree’s Mango Sticky Rice but let’s press on with what happened once I got home and plated my dessert.

Maewaree  had sliced the mango into pieces about 1.5″ thick and placed them alongside a generous ball of slightly sweetened sticky rice, topped with a little bit of coconut milk. After transferring my parcel to a plate I grabbed my fork, cut a cube of mango and separated a little morsel of sticky rice and loaded it up. Needless to say, the mango’s smooth texture and unparalleled sweet flavour was  heavenly. The soft, sweet ball of rice was a satisfying complement to the fruit and the roasted lentils lent a delicious crunchy finish to each bite.

In a way that I associate apples with crumble, mangoes BELONG with sticky rice. The rice is that inseparable component of the dessert that showcases the fruit and carries the dessert on its perfectly cooked shoulders.
In other places, the rice has been hard, dry and rather stale. Maewaree’s is moist but not wet and slips down a treat with the mango pieces.

In the UK I face serious exotic fruit withdrawal symptoms- no papayas, hit and miss watermelons, tasteless and FIBROUS excuses for mangoes, pineapples that sometimes make your mouth smart- so after a serious drought of exotic fruit, I relished every single morsel of mango and its delicious companion!

Definitely one to try if you’re in the land of Thai… (or in a good restaurant)

Mangoes are most efficiently cut in two strokes along the flat side of the seed. This makes them fall into three neat pieces- two halves which you normally scoop out with a spoon or score and scoop out with a spoon so that you are left with nice thick slices or cubes of mango. With the seed that remains, you peel it about the perimeter and bite into it to eat all of the mango. With Thai mangoes this good, you don’t want to waste a single bit of it!

The Ratings:

Taste: 5/5
Texture: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Ease of procurement, speedy  consumption, and putting an end to eating mediocre fruit: 5/5


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