The famous Shibuya Honey Toast @ After You, Thong Lor, Bangkok.

I don’t know about you, but after watching the animated version of Alice and Wonderland as a precocious four year old, I always wondered whether it was possible that at some point in my life I would experience objects exceeding normal proportion- and feel as though I had shrunk. Many lucid dreams later- when I was visiting the ‘happening places’ in Bangkok during the summer of my graduation-  I came across this wonderful restaurant tucked away in the area of Thong Lor and found my fantasies fulfilled… kind of.

The sign said “After You.”
“Why thank you.. don’t mind if I do.” I thought, as I stepped inside and allowed my eyes to scan the dishes on each table.

Coffee, tea, little paper cups containing free green tea from the vending machine at the corner of the restaurant, giant squares of what appeared to be bread smothered in chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice-cream with a jug of honey on the side, more giant squares with cheese [bizarre?] and another jug of honey…

This was none other than the honey toast restaurant about which my sister and I had heard so much. Shibuya Honey Toast (available here in all its glorious manifestations) is a giant piece of toast about the thickness of a third of a loaf of generic sliced bread which is scored into nine cubes, smothered with a decent layer of butter and toasted till the bread is crispy on the outside but still soft, like a pillow, on the inside. It is served with honey, which is poured on according to the customer’s taste, ice-cream, and other toppings based on their menu. There are a lot of places that offer this on their menus, but this is said to be the best… so we decided to put that to the test.

Nothing less to be expected from a quirky japanese concept... A quirky shop sign!

Nothing less to be expected from a quirky japanese concept… A quirky shop sign!

How exciting. It took about ten minutes until I was seated, the restaurant was very busy (and always is, as I have discovered on return trips) and the waiting staff were flitting from table to table, delivering order upon order of these oversized, Alice in Wonderland worthy toasted tasties.

I approached the till and ordered a Strawberry and Cream Honey Toast- as I observed the amounts of honey customers were pouring onto their toast- and thought the fruit would cut through the sugar in the honey and ice-cream and balance the textures and flavours of the toast with more than just a combination of syrups…

It took about ten minutes for the toast to be prepared, and at last I was ready to sample my disproportionately large, yet perfectly presented pillow.

The toast has landed.

The toast has landed.

Two scoops of ice-cream, a flurry of whipped cream topped with toasted peanuts, chunks of fresh strawberry on toast, which has absorbed the butter till about a 1/4 of an inch of its thickness… I couldn’t wait to taste it. Grabbing the jug of honey, I daintily zig-zagged my way across the toast and picked up my knife and fork… I loaded it up with a cube of bread- still steaming- a piece of the strawberry, a little ice cream and proceeded to taste it.

Honey-ing the Toast

Honey-ing the Toast

The different temperatures of the ice-cream, strawberry, hot toast combined with its crunchy texture reminded me of fried ice-cream balls I had once tasted as a twelve or thirteen year old. It was heaven. GIANT CUSHIONY MOUTHFULS OF BUTTERY, HONEY-ED HEAVEN. Alice in Wonderland, I ate my heart out on your behalf…

I didn’t care if I didn’t try the other flavours, doused in chocolate or cheese… this was perfection. The simplicity of ingredients and eye-popping magnitude are all it needed to  win my heart.

Locked and loaded... ready for the tasting!

Locked and loaded… ready for tasting!

FYI: I did not finish this on my own…it is not possible without feeling very ill or taking it home in a doggy bag… by which time the toast would be rendered soggy and sad!!

This is best shared between two or three people as it is a lot of bread and ice-cream.  Sharing is caring… [so long as every one gets an equal share. ;)]

I came back here again twice during December and ordered the very same. It’s a rather comforting combination and I don’t have the heart to stray from it.  Although sometimes the staff are a little heavy handed with the butter…

Without further ado here are the ratings:

Taste: 5/5
Texture: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Consistency: 3/5
Being able to pretend you’re in Alice and Wonderland and realising you aren’t a mad hatter as the toast really is that big… : 5/5


6 thoughts on “The famous Shibuya Honey Toast @ After You, Thong Lor, Bangkok.

  1. I am absolutely dying to try this! My mouth is genuinely watering and I think I’ve consumed a few calories by just *reading* this delicious description! I love the way your posts are written, it’s like I’m there with you! I’m also relieved it isn’t just me who dreams of living an Alice In Wonderland fantasy and feeling as though I had shrunk around the magical Wonderland around me. They should bring this to other countries so that I too, can enjoy a treat that is fit for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

    • Thank you! I appreciate your lovely comments. The idea is to bring people to the food, but only so close that they go the last few miles on their own… so they, too, can experience a similar food odyssey.

      PS. If this were brought elsewhere I don’t think it would retain its quality. (say no to chains!) If you are to go to Thailand, this should be on your holiday bucket list. For sure. 🙂

      • I can’t believe it actually happened again. I HATE wordpress sometimes. Right take 2 with comment writing.

        You’re very welcome, it’s all true! You tease, you! I want to eat honey cake right NOW! I’m actually craving something I’ve never eaten before and it’s all your fault :p.

        I’m genuinely going to make sure my next family holiday is Thailand. No, really. I won’t tell them the honest reasoning behind it (I doubt ‘because they have yummy cake there’ is a valid argument). I will also come to you for recommendations because the Singapore recommendations were SPOT ON!

        I’ve got a job idea for you, become a ‘culinary tour guide’, I do not know if that currently exists but if not, MAKE IT! You’d be amazing. They would be the happiest, most well fed tourists ever! 🙂

      • Thank you again! You could try making honey toast at home and see how that works out… milk bread from carrefour shares a similar texture… the remaining ingredients are universally available. That can be my culinary challenge to you. Also, if you want me to show you how to make things- as I said in my little blurb- drop me some comments and I’ll work on them. I like challenges! 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

        You know, that is an excellent idea. Let me work up some capital and I may just start something like that. If your mother needs convincing, show her the blog… PICTURES ALWAYS HELP! (ESPECIALLY IF THEY’RE MY OWN!!) 😉

  2. The funny thing is, it immediately reminded me of marble cake or carrefour milk cake (which my mum loves!). This may be a project for next weekend :). Ohh that would be amazing, tell you what, I’ll come up with a culinary challenge and if you’ve got time it’d be great to see your creation! Although I won’t be able to eat it from here, I’m sure you’ll describe it to the point where I can almost smell it and imagine the texture!
    And I shall also try my hand at trying to create some honey toast!

    I really think you’d do amazingly well at that, you’d get to travel, meet loads of people…and let’s face it, get to eat all your favourite things as a job, maybe even for free! ;).

    You’d also be a fantastic food journalist, you’re willing to try new things (I’m ridiculously fussy!) and you’re descriptive writing style would send the readers rushing out to your favourite haunts!

    Oh trust me, if my mum has a look she’ll book it on the stop…plan for tomorrow sorted :p

    • That’s excellent, Surena. I will look forward to hearing how your home-made honey toasting goes! 🙂 Thank you for believing in my journalistic capabilities… I am polishing up my skills and preparing my hardest for when I land a place in an ace publication… Let’s see where this blog takes me! 😀

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