The one and only Harrod’s Tiramisu.

"Eat me! Eat me!" It cried. I had to oblige.

“Eat me! Eat me!” It cried. I had to oblige.

Right. Tiramisu is a wonderful dessert- when executed properly. It has all of the necessary components for indulgence in the right ratio. Aesthetically, the rich contrast between its delicious and simple components makes it all the more appealing.

I first ate this tiramisu with my sister on 29th November 2009, and sort of forgot about its magical existence until today- exactly three years later, how spooky!- when I re-visited the coveted Harrod’s Foodhall in search of this little beauty. It had since then undergone a slight facelift. Instead of a humble round bowl and oval chocolate Harrod’s plaque, it was served in a glossy trapezoid bowl with two savoiardi biscuits stylishly garnishing one corner and a pipette full of liqueur that the recipient could dispense at his/her wish into the sinfully silky dessert in which it stood.  And I did.

The first spoonful of Harrod’s Tiramisu 2.0 was just as I remembered. Creamy, not too sweet, and topped with a layer of delicious, velvety cocoa powder-amplifying the liqueur soaked savoiardi biscuits which graced my palate in each successive spoonful. It’s definitely worth a try at just 3.95 per portion… cheaper than its equally delicious, more accessible iteration at Carluccio’s.

The generous dusting of superior quality cocoa powder certainly puts it at the top of my list (mi dispiace, Signor Antonio). Although, I would critique its texture/consistency as I do appreciate a richer, denser cheese in a Tiramisu. For today, it was perfect as I wasn’t in the mood for a particularly heavy dessert.

The Ratings:

Taste: 5/5
Presentation: 5/5! (Pipette of liqueur! Yes!!)
Texture: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Satisfaction: ( especially if you eat the whole thing) 5/5


5 thoughts on “The one and only Harrod’s Tiramisu.

  1. Ahmygah. Tiramisu! I used to make so many portions of this dessert when I worked in a cafe in Poland but it’s something you can never have enough of 🙂 Sooo good. And this one looks so good. And your description… mmmm… I want some tiramisu. Now. 😀

    • Thank you very much, that means a lot. Im glad you’re enjoying it. I’m not on twitter at the moment, currently developing my online avatars, one website at a time.. I’ll let you know when I set it up. New posts are coming your way.

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