Surprisingly good Carrot Cake appears in the most unlikely place- The Courtauld Student Cafe.

Let’s rewind to February this year. I was researching two obscure German artists at the Courtauld Institute for a research paper due at the end of March. As you may imagine spending about six to eight hours in a confined space, with fluorescent desk lamps as your only light source because it’s winter in London and it gets dark at 4pm, requires a serious amount of energy to concentrate.

What was my strategy>? Fuel up before hand and do the research in one long shift… with several trips to the water fountain and exhibition catalogues Z 5070!! On one occasion I skipped lunch and headed to the student cafe at about 3pm… where several groups of giggling post-grads were huddled around macbooks, engaged in fervent discussions, with an almost unspoken dress code of : ” No jeans and T-shirts.”  I had an unwitting disguise in the form of a sunny yellow pure pashmina wool shawl worn over the aforementioned offensive outfit and sauntered past to the main counter… eyes fuzzy from poring over exhibition catalogues and taking notes.

There in front of me I saw  a cake…  four inches high topped with a half inch layer of frosting. The handwritten  label read carrot cake one pound eighty five. Just what I wanted… I sat down on a round table and winced as my backside met the cold metal of the chair and placed the warm plate carrying the highlight of my day on the table with a soft clunk. I took a bite of the visibly moist, crumbly cake and was filled with joy. Soft, lightly spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon and an incredibly smooth cream chees

e frosting. ( This cake was handmade and supplied by Leafi Catering, London- )

Delicious, filling, and totally worth spoiling my eating patterns for! It kept me fuelled till I left the library that day at 8pm!!

Rating: 5/5 (Top notch, and amazing value for money)


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