Cheesecake… at Caffe Nero?!@

After watching the cheesecake episode of Friends, I really had a craving for cheesecake. The only problem was, it was midnight and no shops would be open, especially if you live in “Suburbia “like I do. The next morning I set out for a spot of shopping in Reading and experienced a sudden desire for cheesecake again. Where on the high street would I find a piece of cheesecake to rival what I had eaten at the home of cheesecake,  The Cheesecake Factory in the US… Sigh! Increased exposure to amazing foods of the world makes one discerning, or a picky eater in layman’s terms!

Deflated and thirsty, I stepped into a Caffe Nero for a quick spot of peppermint tea before continuing my shopping mission. I glanced disdainfully at the selection of cakes they had on offer and paused at a double chocolate cheesecake. It didn’t look bad, but I was wary of bad chocolate cheesecake having eaten a slice from Marks and Spencer’s range of individual desserts during the stressful period of writing my undergraduate disseration in March. Stress followed by disappointment is one of the worst combinations ever, so you see why I faced this piece of cheesecake with a sizeable amount of trepidation.

So it begins…

I took the plunge and ordered it alongside my peppermint tea and proceeded to shuffle my way down to the nearest available table to begin the taste test. I examined the piece of cheesecake, it had a nice glossy marbled chocolate topping, a layer of cream cheese and a layer of chocolate cheese and a chocolate biscuit base. I was half expecting something along the lines of plasticine in my mouth  due to the machine precision with which the layers were apparent, but to my surprise the cheesecake was light, creamy and forced me to take another bite. I tried to say no… but it wouldn’t let me.

All four layers, and not half bad!

After a sip of peppermint tea, which complemented the cheesecake nicely by cutting through the richness of the cream cheese I took bites from each layer and concluded this was one to recommend on the site.

There shall be more cheesecake comparisons to follow… watch this space!

Rating: 4/5 (Not bad for a coffee chain!)


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